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Introducing One4One Mortgage Booster

At Life, we know that when we work together, everyone does better. That’s why we’re offering to pay 1% of your interest on a new home loan for the first 12-months. This means for one full year you will get 1% of your interest on your new home loan completely on us!

What is a Temporary Interest Rate Buydown?

For the first 12 months of the loan, Life will pay 1% of the interest on your new home loan. For example: If you have a 6% interest rate on your loan, Life would cover 1% and you would be responsible for the other 5% for that 12-month period. You can set aside the savings or use for purchases such as new furniture, appliances or other expenses for your new home.

The 1%, or difference between what you pay during the first 12-months and the full mortgage payment amount, will be placed in an escrow account funded by Fortera. Each month, Fortera will make a payment on your behalf to cover the difference between the full rate and your temporary rate. After the first year, your rate and payment will adjust back to the full permanent amount.

How do I apply and who is eligible?

Whenever you apply for a Home Loan with Life, we will automatically review your application to determine if your loan qualifies. Our One4One Mortgage Booster is available on conventional and VA loans.

Does the One4One Mortgage Booster require a higher down payment?

No, this feature does not impact the size of your down payment.

How much will I save?*

Let’s use a $300,000, 30-year fixed loan with a permanent interest rate of 6.75% as an example. For the first year of your loan, your interest rate would be 5.75% and your monthly payment would be $1,750.72. The interest rate becomes fixed at 6.75% after the first year with a monthly payment of $1,945.79. That means you will save $195.07 per month during the first year of your loan, for a total savings of $2,340.84.

Ready to get started?

*The calculations above do not take in affect the percentage of down payment or Private Mortgage Insurance premiums. The calculation is meant to demonstrate the difference in monthly payment with the 1% rate reduction for the first 12-months.

This offer reduces the rate by 1% for the first year of the mortgage; a custodial escrow account will be funded by the lender-paid credit, up to a maximum amount of $9,000, and funds will be disbursed from the escrow account to cover the difference in interest during the buydown period. Offer valid only on primary residences. Offer not valid on non-agency Jumbo Loans, Interest Only loans, 2nd lien products, bank statement loans, and manufactured homes. Offer only valid on 15-, 20- and 30-year fixed-rate conventional conforming and purchase loans in retail channels. Offer may not be redeemed for cash or credit and is nontransferable. Offer cannot be retroactively applied to any loans and may not be used with any other discounts or promotions. This offer is subject to changes or cancellation at any time at the sole discretion of Fortera Credit Union. Additional restrictions/conditions may apply. This is not a commitment to lend and is contingent on qualification per full underwriting guidelines.

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