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How to Get Promoted at Work

Tips to help with upward mobility

Getting a promotion not only nets more salary, but it also helps you feel a sense of accomplishment. While at times promotions can happen easily, there are times when advancing in your career requires some planning. Here are some ways to get that desired promotion.

Look at the Past

One way to get promoted fast is to study those who have been promoted before you.

  • What strategies did they take?
  • Who did they work with?
  • What work habits did they use?
  • Did they stress teamwork or individual tasks?

Anything you can gather from how previous people were promoted will help you advance.

Get Noticed

Working hard can get you a promotion, but sometimes your efforts can be forgotten. Do your best to get your work noticed. That means volunteering for tasks, speaking up in meetings, and more.

Show Leadership

When there are opportunities to show leadership, step up. Become a mentor for younger workers, volunteer to lead projects, and more.

Stay Positive

Be a calming, positive influence in the workplace. When things get tough, you’ll show your value by staying steady and looking forward.

Talk it Through

One of the best ways to get yourself promoted is to communicate with your supervisor. Schedule regular meetings with her to make sure they know your goals. Ask for feedback from your supervisor. What can you do better? How can you get where you want to be? The more you communicate, the better.


Original article by Chris O’Shea and adapted in partnership with SavvyMoney.

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