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VISA Credit Cards

Low rates, big rewards

A perfectly well-rounded credit card

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  • The card that has it all

    When it comes to your credit card, you don’t need to make sacrifices. Enjoy rewards, world class security, extra perks like insurance, and a great low rate—all on the same card.

    Why get a Life CU credit card?

    There are a few big reasons to get a credit card, plus a lot of small ones. For one thing, once you’re approved, you’ll get $200,000 accident insurance, no strings attached or premiums needed. You can also earn rewards for awesome things like travel and shopping through ScoreCard Rewards. Already have a credit card somewhere else? Consider transferring your balance over to Life CU to secure a better rate and save more in the long run.

    When it comes to managing your card, we’ve also got a great solution. You can handle payments and view transactions online with eZCard.

    • A better deal: same rate for cash advances, no annual fee
    • World class security: EMV chip and customizable purchase alerts
    • Maximum convenience: review transactions and pay your card online with eZCard

    Manage your Visa

    Access Your Visa Credit Card Statement and make payments. You can also login to your Visa Credit Card account from Life CU online banking.

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  • VISA® Credit Card

    Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
    VISA® Credit Card 6.90% (secured)
    9.90% -18.00% (unsecured)
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • If you are currently a member and use online banking, you can sign into your account and click on "Apply for a Loan" to start the application process for a credit card. You can also come into the branch to apply for one.
    • A unsecured card simply means your card is not backed up by your savings account or another form of collateral. This means your rate will be slightly higher (but still a great deal). We have both unsecured and secured cards available, and both feature advanced security features.

    • eZCard is a free service that lets you easily manage your credit card online. eZCard includes features such as:
      • Account Summary Information
      • Online Statement
      • Data downloadable to financial software such as Quicken or Money
      • Online Credit Card Payments
      • Transaction and Spending Reports
      • E-mail notifications of conditions or events on your account
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Apply online or come into the branch to fill out an application.

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