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VISA Credit Cards

Low rates, big rewards

A perfectly well-rounded credit card

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  • The card that has it all

    When it comes to your credit card, you don’t need to make sacrifices. Enjoy rewards, world class security, extra perks like insurance, and a great low rate—all on the same card.

    Why get a Life CU credit card?

    There are a few big reasons to get a credit card, plus a lot of small ones. For one thing, once you’re approved, you’ll get $200,000 accident insurance, no strings attached or premiums needed. You can also earn rewards for awesome things like travel and shopping through ScoreCard Rewards. Already have a credit card somewhere else? Consider transferring your balance over to Life CU to secure a better rate and save more in the long run.

    When it comes to managing your card, we’ve also got a great solution. You can handle payments and view transactions online with eZCard.

    • A better deal: same rate for cash advances, no annual fee
    • World class security: EMV chip and customizable purchase alerts
    • Maximum convenience: review transactions and pay your card online with eZCard

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  • VISA® Credit Card

    Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
    VISA® Credit Card 6.90% (secured)
    9.90% -18.00% (unsecured)
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • If you are currently a member and use online banking, you can sign into your account and click on "Apply for a Loan" to start the application process for a credit card. You can also come into the branch to apply for one.
    • A unsecured card simply means your card is not backed up by your savings account or another form of collateral. This means your rate will be slightly higher (but still a great deal). We have both unsecured and secured cards available, and both feature advanced security features.

    • eZCard is a free service that lets you easily manage your credit card online. eZCard includes features such as:
      • Account Summary Information
      • Online Statement
      • Data downloadable to financial software such as Quicken or Money
      • Online Credit Card Payments
      • Transaction and Spending Reports
      • E-mail notifications of conditions or events on your account
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