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Core Card

Some good TLC for your credit score.

Stack up a strong foundation for your credit.

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  • Core Card 101

    Whether you need to establish or repair your credit, the Core Credit Card is a straightforward option to get you and your finances where you want to go. We keep the rate low and, as a high-five for taking charge of your credit, we waive our annual fee. Our Core Card is a secured card, which means you’ll deposit the amount equal to the card limit at the time you open it. This is what makes this card so effective at cleaning up your credit — if you can’t pay your balance for whatever reason, your deposit covers for you. If you pay on-time monthly and never use your deposit, you’ll get all that money back, and enjoy credit that’s on its way to being strong enough to move onto an unsecured card.

    This is the start of something good.

    Go hands-free. Add your card to your digital wallet for secure, touchless transactions.

    Take control. Add your new card info to Online and Mobile banking, then use the Card Manager tool to set travel notifications, review statements, turn cards on and off, and more.


  • Credit Card

    Type Term Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
    World Credit Card N/A 16.74% - 18.00%
    Select Credit Card N/A 14.90% - 18.00%
    Power Credit Card N/A 14.74% - 18.00%
    Core Credit Card N/A 18.00%

    Credit Limit: $300 - $40,000. All loans are subject to approval. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change.

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