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LifeCU Mobile

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LifeCU Mobile

Free - On the App Store

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Life just got a little easier

Handle all your banking needs from your mobile device.

  • How does mobile banking work?

    Simply download the Life CU app for iPhone or Android, and you can perform a variety of tasks right from your mobile device, including bill pay and balance transfers.

    An all-in-one app

    With your busy lifestyle, you don’t always have time to come into a physical branch to get everything done. Fortunately, you can take Life CU with you! From your phone, you can check the balance on your accounts with Life, pay bills and make transfers. You can even deposit checks using Mobile Deposit, just by taking a picture of the check and uploading it to the app. With Instant Balance, you can see balances for your account without logging into your app.

    • Never second guess: check the balance on any of your accounts
    • Forget the envelopes: pay bills right from your phone
    • Get money fast: deposit checks without coming into the branch
    • Quick access: Instant Balance and fingerprint login (on enabled devices)

    Ready to get started?

    Discover how to use all of the features with this tutorial.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • It will be even easier for you to conduct your business remotely once we merge with Fortera CU with their 24- hours-per-day, 7-days-per-week Contact Center, shared branch network, continued ability to secure loans remotely, etc.  Below are several links to provide more information specifically about shared branch network, as well as how you can find surchargefree ATMs near you.
    • It will take several months to transition Life’s products and services, account numbers and applications to Fortera.  You will receive detailed information well in advance of any changes and resources that will help guide you throughout the process. We are committed to providing you with a seamless service experience during this transition. Return to the Merger/Partnership page.
    • CardValet® is an app that helps you manage and protect your Life CU Visa® debit card. It can help safeguard your card against fraud. You can even set your card spending if you are trying to stick to a budget.  For more details, visit the CardValet® page to download the app or learn more about the features.
    • Yes! Your online banking password is the same as your mobile app password. We have fingerprint login, too! (on enabled devices). For extra security on some transactions, you will be required to type in your password, too.
    • Get a quick look at your account with Instant Balance. This feature lets you view up to six accounts instantly, right from the login screen of your app—no password necessary. Tap the Instant Balance icon in the top right corner of the login screen to begin the setup process. It’s that easy.
    • Yes! If you have a Life CU debit card, we recommend downloading our CardValet app.  This app allows you to control your debit card usage and spending on the go! CardValet® helps you safeguard your card and protect yourself against fraud.  Learn more about CardValet.
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