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Financial Education

At LifeCU, your financial well being is a priority.


One of the most important things we do is to connect you with valuable resources to help you solve the money questions of life. ​



Financial Wellness & Webinars

Take steps toward financial freedom!

GreenPath Financial Education

Growing your financial health and wealth takes time, but you don’t have to do it alone! As part of the Fortera family, you have access to hundreds of articles, helpful calculators, and free financial education resources available through our partner GreenPath. Learn at your own pace or call a member of their team and schedule a one-on-one meeting if you have more complex questions. We’re here to help. Visit to learn more about this resource.


Connect with GreenPath

Register for this webinar on Financial Spring Cleaning!


Whether you know what you need or not, calling our GreenPath counselors at 877.337.3399 is a great place to start.

Learn More

Visit GreenPath and Fortera’s shared library to browse helpful info on everything from building budgets to getting out of debt. Visit to get started.


Couple budgeting

Crunch the Numbers

Check out GreenPath’s Financial and Loan Calculators to help you answer the big questions like “How much should my mortgage be?”